Our Dream & Wishes

How did The Secret Asia come to be? It all started with a dream.


Years ago Roy and I talked about one day starting our own business. What kind of business we’d want to do, what we’d name it ...  it was just dream talk though and we had no idea at that time we’ll one day start one! As life moved on, Roy spent his work time in Oriental Food industry.


We often miss the taste of Asian food and the biggest problem is finding the right ingredients to cook Asian dishes that taste like home. 


In 2020, we both knew this was the time! We are luckily to find a shop near Aylesbury Town Centre in July, Roy quit the job and to be focused on our dreams! And that’s what we did... in full force which led us to pivot our dream completely.


We then launched our online store and were scheduled our shop to be opening in October. Due to the pandemic, our plan is not going smoothly - we are looking forward to opening our shop soon! 


We start doing the market stalls in October.  The first market, I had (I can’t stress this enough) ZERO idea if local people wanted these Asian groceries. Absolutely no freaking clue. The first customer bought a lots of Japanese treats and Korean noodles in once transaction I actually payed and said “really?!?”.


The Secret Asia - It’s like a 2nd child to us - we nurture and protect it, help it grow and have a happy and healthy environment to develop in.


We don’t want to grown it into a large corporation which we can’t fully control, we want to grow together with our lovely customers.


We choose to be a small family shop that only works with customers who appreciate and value our full dedication to them and giving them a brilliant customer service.  Many of our customers have come by word-of-mouth personal recommendations.  We feel grateful to all of you for your lovely review, feedbacks, attention, support, help and subscribes.  We are proud of the way we grow together with each other, with our business, with our suppliers and customers.  And this pride and peace of mind is what we keeps motivating us to constantly improve.


It’s been a “wonderful” journey this year. Life has not been easy ... 2020 has filled with a lot of ups and downs, challenges, and most importantly to learn who you really are...


When we first dreamed of our own business, We knew it would take a lot of hard work. We are passionate about our business and strive to provide the best service possible. We truly appreciate your support and can’t wait for the opportunity to serve you again. Thank you to all of you who make it possible!


I wish you an easy-going days, smooth 2021 and constant flow! Happy New Year friends!


Love from,

Cora & Roy

The Secret Asia


The Secret Asia

I ordered from you already and I have say you guys are great!! My order was delivered in a timely manner and well packaged. I look forward to coming to your physical shop soon. Thank you so much

The Secret Asia

Can’t wait for this to open. I’ll definitely be coming there a lot :)

The Secret Asia

Really can’t wait for you to open your shop in Aylesbury. Would save a lot of time and money driving my mum to Wing Yip when I come to visit. She can just nip into your store to buy her sauces, noodles etc and not worry about running out and stocking up. Good luck with your new business!

The Secret Asia

It sounds brilliant. Good luck for success in 2021.
Have arranged for a mention on Facebook: Aston Clinton Noticeboard. Happy New Year.

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