Soft Opening Stage

Soft Opening Stage

We are currently in the soft opening stage and focus on bringing you the experience of visiting Japan, the store offers a wide variety of grocery and frozen foods imported from Japan and Korean, as well as Japanese snacks, beverages, and gift products. The store will also have a little cafe opening soon which offer Japanese cakes, boba drinks and fresh coffee & tea made in store.

The name of the store, The Secret, which is a place to eat, shop, rest and fun. The store is outfitted in a stylishly simple Japanese design with a Cherry Tree decoration and two swings for your fun – almost as if you are in Japan.


Please stop by and say Hello and share the love! :-)


The Secret Grocery

Hello Cora and Roy!! I am so excited to have found out about your store! I found it by chance when I googled ‘Korean stores near me’ I have a 9yo daughter who is obsessed with everything oriental and we will be making a trip to visit your shop from Dunstable very soon, hopefully before the new school term begins – looking forward to stopping by for a visit soon!

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